Friday, July 21, 2017

To swim like a frog

Frogs Without Borders: ten years online! 
Today is our 10th anniversary here :-)

Above is our first Froggy strip.

The most interesting thing in this project has been, so far, the increase in my sense of rhythm.

There is a rhythm that is intrinsic to each strip, like a verse in a poem. There is a rhythm that belongs to each story, i.e. to a whole group of strips. There is also a rhythm in which all the strips come into being.

And yes, the more busy my life has been in the last ten years, the more strips I did.

Now that I am retired (since August 2016) and have more time and less worries, the rhythm is becoming slow, and who knows, may be in the future I will just draw one strip a month, while diving in it much more deeply than I used to when I did one strip a week while working full time...

It's good to work slowly, in a meditative state, turning ideas in the head as if stirring a soup... although in the end it is the heart, not the head, that tells the story.

These Frogs have been jumping out of their lake since October 2006, and they helped a lot in keeping me going, thus now that such spring is no longer needed, they are deservedly relaxing, I presume.

Did you ever see a frog swimming? They swim slowly, with a natural grace, in perfect harmony with the surrounding water. Go to a Botanical Garden and with a little chance you'll see one swimming in the green waters, swimming happily, just swimming, like a frog.

So, speaking of rhythm, if these drawings were music, they would mostly be "largo" "larghetto" or at best "adagio", now, that is, although in the past they were "allegro" or even "presto"!

Yes, frogs jump quickly but they swim slowly. They invite us to be aware of the rhythm of each stage of life, of the rhythm in which we move and act.

Thanks for listening. And...


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