Monday, April 14, 2014

Salone del Mobile
(Milan Furniture Fair) 2014

Well, Milan, that was fun!
Sure, it was, but now we want to digest it all...

While the Cartoonist is organizing the material gathered in Milan, Melek and Nûr will tell you a few things about the International Furniture Fair -also called "il Salone" or "i Saloni"- that closed its doors yesterday, Sunday, April the 13th.

Should you be interested in visiting iSaloni next year, note that 2015 will be a very special year, because of EXPO 2015 also running in Milan. EXPO will run from May 1st to October 31, while the Furniture Fair always runs in April (next year, from 14th to 19th), but things may merge, so keep an eye on both web sites.

Of course if you can't wait one year, consider visiting *Milan-Moscow: Interiors of Tomorrow* and attending I SALONI WORLDWIDE in Moscow, Russia, October 15th-18th, 2014.

Now let's begin from the end: Thank you so much to Piquadro for the very useful gift to journalists! We love this bag, and it saved our arms lots of strains.

Because we are professionals AND "housewives" too, first thing we do when we arrive home is to wash the wheels with water, soap and elbow grease. It keeps our floors tidy and our thoughts running. We do this to all our carts every time we come home from a trip!

Speaking of water, of course we frog-jump to *Salone Bagno* the International Bathroom Exhibition, which, along with *Eurocucina* (the International Kitchen Furniture Exhibition) is biennial, running on even years, while on odd years there is *Euroluce* (International Lighting Exhibition). Salone Bagno this year had a novelty: five Tiles-only firms were invited, as a test, to complement with regular exhibitors of bath-tubs, washbasins, faucets and so on.

We, the Frogs Without Borders, are happy because we are Tile-lovers: a house, to us, needs not much more than a solid floor (and perhaps a few Persian carpets): all the rest will follow in due time.

At Sicis, one of those five, we took a couple of pictures that we'd like to discuss with you:

Golden Bunny by Sicis. Happy Easter!

What might not be immediately clear when we look at this golden bunny, is that it requires a lot -and we truly mean A LOT- of craftsmanship to produce such a curved shape with mosaic tiles. When we realize that, we understand that we can have a whole bathtub made in any fairy-tale shape our heart would dream of -as long, of course, as we have the means to pay for it.

As much as money is a major factor, craftsmanship comes first, for without the Craftsman we will not get the artifact, no matter how much money we are ready to pay.

Look at this bathtub, which was probably designed by Cinderella herself, as a reminder of the tough times when all that she had to bath in were ashes:

To conclude, our point is this: by investing in our own craftsmanship, no matter which circumstances Life presents, we will never feel that we are worth nothing.

That's All, Folks! See you tomorrow for more about *la Fiera*.

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