Thursday, April 17, 2014

It Was All that We Had

Melek and Nûr on their new Rainbow Storage Tower.

Among the many enjoyable things we see while strolling in the huge halls of the Salone del Mobile -besides, of course, the great commercial offerings- there are furniture-related quotes. These can cheer us up and give us a deeper thought, or they may call for a smile, and a smile truly helps to forget the fatigue.

We Frogs are very much interested in the psychological aspect of the house, which shows the soul of a person much clearly than her clothes, car or words. The house, like the voice, is almost impossible to mask, so we hope you agree with us when we say that a house has a great symbolical meaning. It is much easier to understand a person once you have seen her dwellings.

A house speaks, and when we are confused or undergoing changes, by looking at our own house, we can get directions.

We read the humorous quote above, which is by Oscar Wilde, while strolling in one of the four halls where the Classic furniture is exhibited. The Classic pavilions are quiet and opulent; while the Design furniture is often playful, a bit noisy and full of novelty, like a young person, the Classic resembles a middle aged person, someone who knows better and does not mind a bit of reserve.

Be it Classic, Modern or Design, it might happen that after days spent with what is the best of furniture, kitchens, bathrooms and tiles that the world has to offer, we arrive home and find it -let's be honest- a bit squalid, or at least lacking charm. We acknowledge the feeling, just as we would acknowledge feeling a bit out of shape if we spent a few days with fashion models.

Thus we'd like to conclude with the words of Daniel Libeskind, who in the exhibition *Where Architects Live* so describes the house where he was born: "By the present standards, we could call it a hovel, but to us it was all that we had, and we thought it was beautiful".

Architect Daniel Libeskind. Photo by Alessandro Russotti/Cosmit.

That's all Folks! We Frogs wish you a Happy Easter and thank you so much for walking with us in Milan. What you see below is *il Duomo*, the city's iconic Gothic cathedral.

We need a few days' break to help the Cartoonist compile her Tax Return. Our regular strip will resume on Monday, April 28th, إن شاء الله . In the meanwhile we might post a Chalk or two, so please keep returnig!

Love and chocolate,

Melek & Nûr

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