Saturday, March 18, 2017

My Asia Week :-) 2017

People "listen" to reproduced music and do not learn to "produce" music anymore: and yet, music is deeply understood by producing it, not simply listening to it".
Umberto Eco *Apocalypse Postponed* Bompiani, 1964

This year, as every year, Asia Week took place in New York City. I haven't had the chance to be there yet, although I am sure it will happen at the right time.

So, while waiting for the right time to come (that which the Ancient Greeks called "Kairos (καιρός)" this year I decided to set up an Asian corner in my atelier and do some Asia-inspired art.

Big white frog leaps on
Chinese vase full of brushes
Oh! Nothing happens.

Here above is the final drawing -with Haiku. Scroll down for a few more pictures :-)

I used three kind of paper: Sumi paper, Sugar cane paper and Fabriano Studio.

As the week progressed and the round table became crowded with my Asia art supply jumping joyously out of the cabinets, the kitchen was also set with Asia food, cloth and tableware.

I began with Sugar cane paper, black ink and a fan brush, not really knowing what I wanted to do. The fan brush, which I had almost never used before, proved perfect for palm trees.

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