Tuesday, January 10, 2017

736-The Soul

This is my interpretation of the theme "The Soul", a cartoon made for the 21st European Cartoon Contest by the ECC (European Cartoon Center) Kruishoutem, Belgium. I received the invitation to take part in October 2016, and this theme kept me thinking since then. For this I am certainly grateful to the Organizers!

The original (sent to the Organization on January, 3, 2017) is an A4 (as per the contest's rules), reformatted here to better suit the size of this blog of mine.

So far, my understanding is the classical one: the soul has no form, and it is attracted to both the material realm (in which it can easily be trapped) and the spiritual realm (in which it can easily get lost).

There is no judgement such as "the good" or "the bad", as both worlds are real and to live in both is necessary: Angel and Devil are just a classical way to depict these two places in which the soul abides.

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