Friday, August 8, 2014

635-B/W Games People Play

Paint the Frogs with your own colours!

I titled this strip *Games People Play* because it seems to me, while drawing the story, that "Der Polizist", "Lady Mullah" and "Zubin the Zebra" are taking shape like "the Parent", "the Adult", and "the Child" in the bestselling 1964 book by psychiatrist Eric Berne.

I have to say I did not expect "Der Polizist" to show up in this story, although I always expect the Unexpected, lol, because every story comes out from a place within that is fairly unknown to me: the scope of the story is to explore it with a language that is quite apt, that is, a language that mixes inextricably words and images.

When I begin one of these froggy stories I don't know much more than what I put in the Playbill.

Broadly speaking, it is not necessary to master the art of drawing nor to master the art of writing to make a cartoon.

Of course, the longer you do a cartoon, the better you become at both, otherwise you will probably quit, as there is no joy in doing things that do not involve an aesthetic progress.

To focus too much on the art or to polish the words too much is a mistake, though, as they are not important per se, they are tools to translate the world of the Unconscious, as it would be a camera with which we would take pictures of a particular land we were traveling into.

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