Monday, December 30, 2013

Questions and Wishes

Will Melek (Princess Angelica) catch the Owl who stole her crown?

Will Nûr (Francesca, the Princess' Maid) fall out of the Book of Poetry to a more sober state of consciousness?

Will Lâl (the Frogmouth Owl, a.k.a. Shaykh Frögüddan) come to an understanding of what Love is, and at the same time escape his dreadful destiny?

To find out these and more, the Sufi Magic Theatre invites you to its new production:

*Seeking the Shemurgh*
or *The Conference of the Frogs - Part II*

which will be out here on Monday, January the 6th, 2014 (Insha Allah)!

In the meantime: HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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