Wednesday, October 12, 2011

422b - Playbill 2/9


........The Fourth Order said...

I think I recognize this guy. Be careful!

Marina Montanaro said...

I will never be careful in matters of Love. I'll rather take Rumi's advice: "Parvaneh sho! Parvaneh sho!" (Become a moth! Become a moth).

........The Fourth Order said...

You remind me of a living poem.

I am a circling moth.
Love is everywhere
with his torch
calling me to fire.
My heart flies into Him
in every outgoing sigh.
Inhale him, and I
can no longer say his name.
My body simply wants
to be one with the flame.

........The Fourth Order said...

A beautiful version you gave us.
I found this translation at
I love the beginning lines.

گر سوی مستان میروی مستانه شو مستانه شو
If you are going to the drunkards, become drunk
If you go towards the drunk, go drunkenly! Go drunkenly!
• باید که جمله جان شوی تا لایق جانان شوی
You should become all soul, until you are worthy of the spirits[?]
You should become all soul until you_ become deserving the sweetheart (beloved
• وآنگه شراب عشق را پیمانه شو پیمانه شو
And then become the cup[?] that holds the wine of love_
And then become a cup for the wine of love! Become a cup!
• رو سینه را چون سینهها هفت آب_ شو از کینهها
Make your heart like the [other] hearts [?], wash it seven times [til it is free] of grudges
Go and wash the chest off hatreds seven-water-ly like [real] chests (chest is the house of heart.
• وآنگه بیا با عاشقان هم خانه شو هم خانه شو
And then come live with the lovers
And then, come_ [and] become homemate with lovers! Become homemate!
• هم خویش را بیگانه کن هم خانه را ویرانه کن
Become a stranger to yourself, ruin your own home [destroy the nafs]
[both] make yourself_ alien (stranger) and make the house ruined
• و اندر دل آتش درآ پروانه شو پروانه شو
And from_ the heart of the flame, come out, become a moth
And into fire, enter! Become a butterfly! Become a butterfly! • حیلت رها کن عاشقا دیوانه شو دیوانه شو
Abandon your deceit, O lover, become mad
O lover, abandon deceit! Become mad! Become mad!