Wednesday, February 20, 2008

84. Sufis With Kefir SWK [SWB # 44024]

20.02.08 *Professor's Drago angry line in the central panel is a somehow harsh italian expression that could be loosely translated as: "Oh [my] frogs! What is this [loud] noise?".
- Click on the title to go to a Wiki page about Kefir.


Anonymous said...

I am longing to know what is behind the trapdoor, dear Sis, is it the secret entrance to the kefir drinking company where unimaginable delights of kefir realms can be experienced?

Roses for you

Marina Montanaro said...

Aha, of course I can't tell for sure, but often behind what appears to be a bait there is a completely new page in life...
see you here on Sunday, Inshallah